HBO’s “True Detective” is proof that Netflix is winning

14 Jan
January 14, 2014

So after digesting the premiere of True Detective, I will cop to being hooked in the cheek and yanked into Nic Pizzolatto’s boat. The atmosphere, the acting, the pacing, the twin timelines, it was all right up my alley. The show appears to be another winner for HBO, but this isn’t the 12 episodes per […]

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13 years in and there’s no margin of error for Mark Richt

13 Jan
January 13, 2014

Remember that crazy chick you dated years ago? It was some kind of fun when she’d go down on you in the alley beside the bar. Man, how wild and crazy she was, her spontaneity made you feel ALIVE. But she became a lot less fun when she’d nitpick the shit out of you for […]

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How to protect a loved one at a sporting event

13 Dec
December 13, 2013

He’s Kenny Meiselas, the celebrity lawyer who represented Whitney Houston and whose current above ground clients include Lady Gaga and P. Diddy. Meiselas played the good father role to the extreme this past Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden. First, he got he and his daughter courtside seats for the Bulls-Knicks game. Then he topped […]

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The Larry King-ish Stream of Consciousness Column for December 10, 2012

10 Dec
December 10, 2013

In this edition of the LKSOC we discuss Auburn not getting snubbed for once, a Bama player finally coming to grips with the fact that he attends the University of Alabama, creepy former MLB catchers and Little Brother Syndrome: ◊ So the Ten Year Cycle of Disappointment DOESN’T return I swear to God I thought […]

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Forget Mike Tomlin, it was a bammer who perfected sideline interference

06 Dec
December 6, 2013

Decades before Mike Tomlin’s jump slide during the Ravens game was replayed on a near continuous loop by ESPN, it was actually a halfback for Alabama who showed the world the heights to which sideline interference could be taken to.  His name was Tommy Lewis, and his story is about as bammer as it gets. Flashback […]

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