Alabama to erect Saban statue? Already?!?

30 Jan
January 30, 2010

Jeff Schultz of the AJC nailed it with the following:

“All hail, Nick Saban.

After only three seasons, Alabama is building a statue for its football coach. Can’t imagine what he gets if the Crimson Tide wins another championship. Does the school attempt a hostile takeover of neighboring states and give him parts of Mississippi and south Georgia? Maybe some coastline, between Pensacola and Panama City? Or was that already included in his original contract?

Alabama, coming off its BCS title in Saban’s third season, confirmed that a bronze statue of the coach already is in the works. It is expected to be completed by April 17, the day of the annual “A Day” spring game, when all banks and Walmarts will be closed.”

Man, the meltdown in Tuscaloosa will be EPIC if Saban ever pulls a Lane Kiffin and takes off for another job.   How many layers of tobacco spit will cover Saban’s bronze statue if that happens?  Bama fans might chuckle at the notion of Saban ever leaving their beloved Capstone, but hey, he’s pulled up stakes four times before in the last 20 years.  The rest of Schultz’s column can be found here.

The statuesque Nick Saban

The statuesque Nick Saban

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