Blue chip football recruit’s adopted father calls him out in the press

30 Jan
January 30, 2011

Russelville (AL) linebacker/running back Brent Calloway is among the bluest of the blue chip football recruits who’ll sign this coming Wednesday.  He’s ranked the 38th best player in America and the top player in the state of Alabama by Rivals.calloway

Early on he gave a verbal commitment to Nick Saban and Alabama. But at the U.S. Army All-American game, he flipped his pledge to Auburn.

Apparently, this didn’t sit too well with Harland “Peaches” Winston, the guy who adopted Calloway about four years ago. Doug Segrest of the Birmingham News provides some of the particulars:

Winston isn’t happy with the change of heart. He has nothing against Auburn. He just doesn’t believe his son handled it correctly.

“I’m from the old school,” Winston said. “When you shake a man’s hand, look him in the eye and make a commitment, you stick to that commitment.”

“I respect him and I’m going to root for him. But I don’t think he handled it the right way.” (Birmingham News)

Hey Peaches, way to keep the family business private! If Brent comes in after his curfew next weekend, will you be calling the Action News team?

Here’s the deal: Alabama wants Calloway to play linebacker, but he wants to give running back a shot. Auburn has agreed to give him that chance while having a depth chart at the position that isn’t too daunting in Calloway’s eyes:

“I’m not afraid of competition, but I’d rather go against one or two than five or six. Alabama has (at running back) Corey Grant, Dee Hart and (Demetrius) Goode. Plus, Eddie Lacy and Trent Richardson are back.

“Auburn only has two (Onterio McCalebb and Mike Dyer) at running back, plus (commitment) Tre Mason and a walk-on. I know for a fact competing there would be easier.”  (Birmingham News)

But wait, there’s more than just the depth chart. Calloway’s interest in Auburn also has a lot to do with family:

Yet another factor is his adopted brother, Siran Winston, who plays basketball at Tuskegee, just 20 miles from the Auburn campus.

That proximity will make it easier on the Winstons, who aren’t strangers to the world of recruiting. They’ve had three natural sons go through the process and an other adopted son, Russellville basketball player Travis Davis, is headed to Tennessee-Martin on an athletic grant. (Birmingham News)

You would think this would warm the cockles of Peaches heart, you know, to have his adopted son emphasize the family connection that way. But you’d be wrong:

“It blows my mind that all of a sudden it was Auburn or nothing,” Winston said.

Winston says he’s not an Alabama fan, but he likes the way the Crimson Tide staff approaches the game.

“They stick to business. You don’t see their coaches high-fiving,” Winston said. (Birmingham News)

Wow, the school that everyone says paid off Cam Newton’s dad apparently isn’t doing too good of a job of keeping Peaches very happy. But the dude has NOTHING bad to say about Alabama, despite the fact that his adopted son’s change of heart appears to have been well thought out. Hey, just sayin’.

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  1. Mac B from Tennessee says:

    Homer. What do you suppose we’ll find if we dump Bobby Lowder’s cell records or glance at his ledger?

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