ESPN’s Mike Patrick has officially reached “stubborn old coot” status

04 Mar
March 4, 2011

First year Clemson basketball coach Brad Brownell hasn’t had a half bad season. He’s planted his 19-10 squad firmly on the NCAA bubble, which is more than can be said for programs like Indiana and Wake Forest.

Before that, he carved out a great reputation in the mid-major ranks, leading both UNC-Wilmington and Wright State to NCAA Tournament appearances. With all of that going for him, you would think ESPN announcer Mike Patrick could get the guy’s name right during the Clemson-Duke game on Wednesday night. Turns out he couldn’t:

Did you catch that? “Brad BrownLEE says ‘You gotta go get ‘em’” And as you can see in the clip, there was roughly a minute left in the game at that point. How the hell does a veteran ESPN announcer go a whole damn game with getting a coach’s name wrong?

I thought announcers actually prepped for telecasts, but at this point in his illustrious career, maybe Patrick’s just mailing it in. However, somebody in the production truck had to have been trying to correct him during the telecast. Right? That conversation may have gone something like this:

Producer: “Uh, Mike, one more time, the name is BrownELL.”

Patrick: “Don’t tell me my business you son of a bitch, I’m Mike Patrick!”

Producer: “Mike, we’re actually starting to get calls on this. Please, for me?”

Patrick: “Did you hear me? I’M MIKE PATRICK! I’ll call this prick whatever I damn well feel like calling him!”

Producer: “Okay, we’re back from commercial in 5, 4, 3….”

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2 replies
  1. Will says:

    He’s a jerk! I won’t listen to him again and I’m not a Clemson fan. It was just totally out of place and unprofessional.

  2. John Stansberry says:

    @ Will – I can understand slipping up one time, that’s okay. But doing this the WHOLE game?!? Wow.

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