Ex G’town hoopster Kevin Millen continues Tennessee’s tradition of crazy politicians

10 Aug
August 10, 2010

I’m now convinced that all the really crazy politicians come from Tennessee (sorry South Carolina, you lose).  You’ve probably already seen this one:

But were you at all familiar with Kevin Millen’s run for Congress?  He’s the former Georgetown basketball player (circa early 90′s) who basically went crazy because John Thompson didn’t turn him into a player we’d actually remember.  It got so bad that restraining orders had to be taken out barring Millen from not only the Georgetown campus, but the city of Washington DC as well.  Here’s more background from Washington City Paper:

Though things didn’t go well on the hardwood, Millen did earn a degree in finance at Georgetown, in 1995. But rather than capitalizing on that prized sheepskin, he went home to Memphis and, for reasons nobody can explain, spent a couple of years stewing about what had gone wrong during his college days.

“He wasn’t the same Kevin Millen I knew, I can tell you that,” says Jeff Walker, his high school coach. “He was angry, just mad at the world. He looked the same as the nice, fun-loving, absolutely trustworthy kid I remembered, but he sure wasn’t the same.”

According to his former attorney, Celicia Hoover-Hankerson, Millen had telephone conversations with Thompson from Memphis about possibly getting an administrative position with either the Washington Bullets or the Georgetown athletic department. When neither job came through, says Hoover-Hankerson, “that set something off.”

Millen left Memphis and came back to D.C. His first brush with the law came in 1998, when he was legally barred from the Georgetown campus for repeatedly making menacing phone calls and showing up at Thompson’s office unannounced. According to newspaper accounts at the time, Millen was telling everybody around him that Thompson had kept him from being a pro. He was also ordered by a D.C. Superior Court judge to go back to Memphis. (Washington City Paper)

Kevin Millen: Maniac

Kevin Millen: Maniac

That was written in 2002, and in the intervening years he’s gotten his life together to the point where he decided to run for Congress in his native Memphis.  Trouble is, he’s still as crazy as a Ron Artest postgame interview.  After losing out in the GOP primary, here’s the open letter he provided:

Good Morning Everyone,

I will be asking each person to realize what they have done by not voting for Kevin Millen. The first thing you have done is allowed each black constituents to tell white people bow down and apologize to me for slavery, cracker. Secondly, you will be allowing a health care bill that will hurt All Americans, to be instilled in the United States of America. All Republicans in Memphis have turned this Republican Party into the dumbest and weakest Republican Party ever. You have allowed the judicial system to keep violating your constitutional rights. You have allowed the police to keep violating your constitutional rights. I tried to help, but people say it’s your first time running for office, that’s why I didn’t know you. How many people knew Harold Ford Jr.? How many people know Steve Cohen? How many people know any of the city council or the county commissioner? How many people even know any of the judges? Some say you were not on T.V. T.V. is nothing, because I knocked on doors, put out flyers, email all business in Memphis and around the U.S., to try to make Memphis more attract to recruit more business. They said the money issue some Republican spent almost 3 million dollars and still didn’t win. They chose a clodpoll for the democratic party and a idiot to win the Republican Party. O’well they want to be a bunch of faggots and idiots, you can’t change what doesn’t want to be changed. You cannot help nothing that does not want to be helped. You can try to hamper a person from moving ahead by telling lies, pulling up signs, and people believing lies to make sure that person does not move ahead. This is why I only had 1199. Life goes on and again, thanks to all the voters whom wanted a serious candidate that was going to stand up for Tennesseans especially Memphians. Since every wants to be experiments in Tennessee, you all have chosen the right two candidates to represent the parties. Yes, you all have chose two experiments, so that they can experiment on you. Memphis City Schools just might do another policy to hamper the youth, because these people enjoy making their youth illiterate. Experiment, extolled xen permitted enourmous rights in massive extrinsic negative times…reread the web page because it’s coming down very soon…

I would throw up a link to his web page, but true to his crazy word, he’s already taken it down.  Here’s my question: if you’ve been barred from going to DC, would winning a congressional race supersede that?  Hmmmm…

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3 replies
  1. Kevin says:

    What a nut job….

  2. Michael says:

    I don’t remember this guy and I’ve always been a Georgetown fan. Just goes to show you he couldn’t have been too good b/c Big John was giving anyone and everyone playing time during those years. As for the non-basketball issues, this guy is “shot out!”

  3. kevin millen says:

    the website is still up but the only nut is the one whom read my webpage and did not find any of the pertinent information to be true. So if everything is the truth then what the paper is writing has to be a lie…a law for everyone…D.C. Code 22-404, if no court order is present then there is not a stalking charge. Constitutionally Protected Activities Exempted? Yes; conduct by a party to a labor dispute in furtherance of labor or management objectives in that dispute So did the paper just write something to try to hamper my life have a wonderful day to all the faggots, dikes, transvesdites, idiots whom believe I every stalked someone. I know God will get that hatred out of you, just pray for guidance…

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