Kyle Turley is still batshit nuts

14 Jan
January 14, 2011

Leave it to SportsByBrooks to capture audio of Kyle Turley commenting on the football coaching situation at San Diego State. Turley, who graduated from the school in 1998 and went on to a solid career as an offense tackle in the NFL, had the following to say about Brady Hoke’s departure:

C’mon Kyle, I can understand you being a proud Aztec and such, but you’ve got to be smart enough to understand what your alma mater’s football program is for head coaches: a pit stop on the way to a BCS conference job. I’m not saying that out of spite, it’s just the truth. A guy wouldn’t leave Michigan to go to San Diego State, it’s the other way around.

It’s just another in a long line of head scratchers from Turley. His career as a Professional Nutcase started in earnest back on September 12, 2001 when he was still toiling in his day job for the Saints. His reaction to those horrible attacks that had occurred the previous day? He put his coach Jim Haslett in a headlock because management wanted to fly the team to Pittsburgh for a scrimmage with the Steelers.

Jesus, at least Pat Tillman took his frustrations out by enlisting and heading over to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban. Turley’s approach was to beat up a coach. Then came this a few months later (the music is supplied by none other than Turley himself):

Back then, Turley got a pass from most everybody because he was a protective lineman coming to the aid of his quarterback, albeit in an extremely excessive manner. But after he took his act to St. Louis a few years later and then threatened to kill Mike Martz, there was no denying that Turley was absolute Sling Blade material.

Various injuries, including sciatic nerve damage in his right leg, ended up shortening his career. But time away from the field hasn’t appeared to make Turley any less crazy. In 2010 he recorded an album with the unfortunate title of “Anger Management,” from which part of the proceeds go to the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund. The GGAF assists retired NFL players who’ve fallen on hard times.

But even in making such a wonderful gesture, Turley couldn’t help but crazy it up. The cut on the album that accompanied the video above is entitled “Flying Helmets,” and in it he takes shots at the aforementioned Martz as well as Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Oh, and he calls Robert Smith a pussy for his early retirement:

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  1. Mac B from Tennessee says:

    You’ve now reached your 2011 quota for San Diego State Aztecs tags. Congratulations.

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