Skip Holtz is Conference USA’s least favorite coach

08 May
May 8, 2010

Skip Holtz left East Carolina this past January for the greener pastures of South Florida’s Big East affiliation.  Hey, that’s no shocker, moving out of a non-BCS studio apartment and into a BCS ranch style with a couple acres out back is the goal of every football coach in the business.

But Skip still has his old school on his mind, as Caulton Tudor of the Raleigh News and Observer found out:

“I absolutely would love to see ECU in the Big East,” Holtz said.  “It’d be great for the school, and I think it’d be great for the Big East, too.  That’s what I thought there, and it’s what I think here. I’m not changing. I’ll always be a big supporter of that.” (Raleigh News and Observer)

That’s a heckuva statement from Holtz and it says a lot about the regard in which he holds his former school. But I’m certain that C-USA commissioner Britton Banowsky would love it if Holtz would keep his realignment desires to himself.

In essence, Holtz is just saying what we all know: East Carolina can open up all the Wonka Bars in the world, but there’ll be no golden ticket in the offing as long as they’re hanging out with their current crowd. At least in the Big East there’s a chance to actually get into the Chocolate Factory.

But does Banowsky have to be so publicly reminded of how much his league sucks?  Damn Skip, a little tact would be nice.  After all, once the Big 10 raids the Big East and hauls off Syracuse and Pittsburgh, the Big East could very well turn around and cherry pick ECU and Memphis from C-USA.

If that were to come to pass, Banowsky would have to swallow his pride and get a couple of bottom feeders like Troy and MTSU to join up.  At that point, he’d be running a glorified Sun Belt Conference. The horror, the horror….

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